Principals and Associates in Political and Media Operations

Pete McRae — Represented architectural and engineering firms in various projects throughout Central and South Texas. His successful methods for winning public works projects for clients focuses on generating grass roots support for projects through information campaigns, media awareness and public official’s endorsements. McRae serves as the project manager and chief strategist of the team.

Lee Leffingwell — Former Mayor of Austin, has 30 plus years of transportation experience as a commercial airline pilot. Mayor Leffingwell specializes in all local government issues.

Arshia Malik- A senior at the University of Texas studying International Relations and Global Studies. She has interned with the Borgen Project and worked closely with Texas senators. She has a special interest in policy and serves as the Outreach Coordinator.

Rifaa Patel– A student at the University of Texas at Austin studying Government and Sociology. She has interned at the Texas House of Representatives. With special interest in local government and plans to go to Law School after graduation. She currently serves as the Chief of Staff.

Greg Beatty — Former television news anchor, Mr. Beatty moved into the political realm in 1993. His experience ranges from audio and video production to grass roots campaign planning and execution.

Andrea Herrera — A University of Texas alumni with a Public Relations degree entering UT Law School in the Fall of 2021. She has worked as an intern with the Texas House of Representatives and has a special interest in policy. Andrea served as Chief of Staff and Local Policy Liaison in South Texas.

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