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Prevailing Trends Inc. relies on experience that Pete McRae and his associates have developed over 25 years in Texas public policy and political involvement.

Starting with advocacy on behalf of family farmers and Mexican-American farm workers in the 1980’s, Mr. McRae and his associates have a strong record of social involvement, and constructive work on behalf of elected officials—not just holding fundraisers or sending checks to political campaigns.

Mr. McRae and Prevailing Trends, Inc. associates have worked on a number of projects that are representative of their experience and commitment

Policy Advisor — Nueces County Judge 2018 – 2023

Representing national health insurance provider 2021

Representing major civil engineering firm on transportation & infrastructure projects 2008 – 2023

Representing major healthcare network 2010 – 2023

Representing various clients in Nueces and Hidalgo Counties 2015 – 2023

Strategic advice for local government candidates Central & South Texas 2010 – 2023

Grassroots Support for Courthouse Preservation Program 2005 –  2011

Travis County Landfill Expansion Opposition 2010-2014

Austin Neighborhood Opposition to Half-way House  2007

New Urbanism Study for City of Leander 2009

Study for Potential Passenger Rail for City of Elgin 2007

Public Outreach for planned Hidalgo County Loop 2008

Engineering firm representation with Regional Mobility Authority 2008 – 2015

Representing Developer of new Travis County Airport 2014

Buffalo Soldier Heritage Program

One of Mr. McRae’s premiere achievements is the creation of the Buffalo Soldier Heritage Program (BSHP) in 1994. With the assistance of the Texas Rural Communities, Inc. Board, Lee Coffee, Mike Moeller, Judge Jesse Oliver, Lt. General John Q. Taylor King, Leland Beatty and countless others, Mr. McRae founded the program for young men at-risk of delinquency and potentially, criminal behavior.

The BSHP, based on the valorous actions of African-American soldiers of the 19th Century, is a program created to involve African-American men in the lives of young boys who need mentoring. The state of Texas found the BSHP of such value that the Legislature established the program under state auspices through House Bill 2031. The late Representative Dan Kubiak and Dallas state Senator Royce West passed the bill in the 74th Session of the Texas Legislature.


The key component of the BSHP was an annual summer camp, held at Camp Sol Mayer, north of Sonora in West Texas. A 16 minute video of the first camp can be found here.

The program, placed by the Legislature with the Texas Juvenile Probation Commission in 1995, has been subjected to budget cuts and program changes to such an extent that it has now changed completely, and little resembles the original program.

Transportation Reinvestment Zone (TRZ) Team —  A transportation financing method passed by the Texas Legislature in 2005, the method is a form of tax increment financing. The team that put together Texas’ first TRZ in 2008, in Hidalgo County, is also available to consult on issues of TRZ rules and law, economic impact, and implementation.

In addition to recent work listed in our standard Firm Profile, his experience includes:

2003 – 2005

Business & Legislative Consultant

Hill Country Youth Ranch

Ingram, Texas

Gary Priour



East Austin Commuter Rail Campaign

Jesse Oliver


July 2005  – June 2009

Public Affairs Project Manager

Hidalgo County RoadBuilders

Richard Zamora

San Antonio

PTI is a subchapter S corporation, and our business model is to be fully self-supported. We maintain administrative staff to deal with billing and support of principals in the field.

Finally, our personnel take great pride in conducting all of our advocacy on behalf of a client by not crossing any lines. There will be no unethical behavior, inappropriate communication, excessive or improper gifts. Guaranteed.

If our advocacy and our clients cannot stand on their own merit we have no business representing them.

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