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In Memoriam

The Honorable Richard Moya- 1932-2017

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A dear friend and colleague, The Honorable Richard Moya was a force of nature dedicated to improving lives all throughout the city of Austin, Travis County and the State of Texas. Richard was elected Travis County Commissioner in 1970. At the time no Hispanic had ever been elected to the Commissioners Court.

Moya served as Governor Ann Richard’s Deputy Chief of Staff, where he continued his push for better government, just as he had done as a county commissioner.

Kind, tough, wise, sentimental, pragmatic and always ready to stand up to adversity and discrimination, Richard Moya was a legendary man of the people.

Richard passed away on February 16, 2017 at the age of 84. His political legacy lives on in the changes he brought to Travis County government, having opened the door for the hiring and election of minorities.

We miss our friend Richard Moya every day.